Teach Faustus Today

Who I am and why I created this site. 

My name is Sofia and I am a teacher of English as a foreign language in Mar del Plata, Argentina. This site was born as the final project of a subject called Language and Culture IV, in the last year of my Teacher Training Course. The professor suggested using multimedia resources to present or work with any of the literary pieces we had dealt with during the semester. Faustus was my favorite reading, so I started to think about what I could do to work with the play from my perspective as a teacher of English.

Why this idea?

Teachers of all levels, with students of all ages and socio-cultural realities, often complain about the learners' lack of interest in reading. This is no different when teaching English either at Secondary Schools, Language Institutes, Terciary or Unversity Level.  Why not enhance the learners' motivation by providing appealing and innovative stages of pre- post and while reading? If our ultimate objective is for students to analyze a piece of discourse critically... why not trying include other techniques that encourage speaking, thinking, listening to each other, guessing and even having fun? 

Most of the activities in the different sections can be adapted to fit other literary works, my idea is just to look at the reading from a different perspective and to provide some tools for teachers to profit from.
I hope you find it useful!