Teach Faustus Today

Interpret it

Literature, as any other form of art, allows students to interpret it in the light of their interests and personalities. Here are some ideas for your students to express their feelings towards the play  (And for you to analyze how much they understood!)
You can choose the one that will better fit your students' needs.

- Roleplay a daily life scene in pairs. One person is Faustus and the other Mephistopheles. Each students acts/reacts in a way that is coherent with the characters' personality.

- Represent a scene of the play.

- Write a poem or song about their favourite part of the play. It can be ironical or even funny.

- Create a comic strip about key moment/s in the story.

- Compare different celebrities with the characters in Faustus. Explain how they are similar.

- Create a review for the book.

- Create a poster for the movie Faustus.