Teach Faustus Today

Scenes 12-14

You are going to watch a video where a group of actors represent the final scene of Faustus adding contemporary elements.
1. Watch the first 3 minutes. You may read the play as you watch.

 - Who do the girls at the back reprent?

- Describe Faustus. Contrast the protagonist's image with that of the first video (see Teaching Fausts "Scene 1")

- Why do you think Faustus' appearance has change? (Comment on plot and on different readers' interpretations of the characters)

2. Watch the rest of the play.

- Commment on the ending.

- Give your opinion. Was it predictable? Was it fair? Did you like it?

3. Further Analysis

This quotation is aimed at analyzing Faustus' attitude.

"In his final speech, Faustus is clearly wracked with remorse, yet he no longer seems to be able to repent. Christian doctrine holds that one can repent for any sin, however grave, up until the moment of death and be saved. Yet this principle does not seem to hold for Marlowe’s protagonist"

- Do you think Faustus was able to repent? Why/not?

- Why is repentance relevant? Consider the play's context and the author's outlook.

Read the following part of the epilogue.  Faustus is gone! Regard his hellish fall,
Whose fiendful fortune may exhort the wise
Only to wonder at unlawful things:
Whose deepness doth entice such forward wits
To practice more than heavenly power permits.

- What is the last message in the play?